About us


Who we are?

We are a young tele-health startup made up of IT and medical professionals, driven by the desire to make medical services more accessible and cheaper for everyone, including people without insurance.

We want to ensure that all users of the Doct application have access to quality health advice and medical professionals without having to leave their home or be able to call a doctor in their own language from anywhere in the world – for example, if they are expats, traveling or on vacation.

All the patient needs to do is install the Doct application, register and call the doctor. We believe that our service is second to none and that everyone should be able to call a doctor as soon as they need it – anytime, anywhere.

Important: Doct does not offer medical consultations in cases where someone’s life is in immediate danger or when he needs urgent medical assistance. In case you need emergency help, please call the emergency number of the country you are in or go to the nearest hospital.