How to use Doct

How to register?

Step1: Select your country and language

Step 2: Open a free user account by entering your email address and password. Confirm that you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy

Step 3: Entering personal data

How to use the application?

When you have successfully registered, you can start consultations via video call. You need to enter the activation code you gor from your employer or company that provides our service in specific packages.
If the doctor does not answer you, by selecting the “Contact me” option, the first available doctor will call you back as soon as he is available. For the doctor to contact you successfully, please accept notifications from the Doct app.

Health card

By selecting the “Medical records” option, you enter all the necessary data and documents (to the extent necessary) that can help the doctor during the consultation. If you choose the Family Package, you have the option of managing the health card for all members of your family.

User profile

By selecting the user profile option in the upper right corner, you can manage all the information you entered during registration.